dimarts, 10 de març de 2015

A safari mistery

a safari mystery (br 4 eso)-micky jenkins-9789963475117

Micky Jenkins

20-year-old Julie O'Neils is on safari in the Masai Reserve - "The Land of the Elephants" in Kenya. Julie loves elephants and she is very disappointed because she doesn't see any in the reserve. Where are they all? Julie has the impression that something strange is happening at the reserve and she is determined to solve the mystery. But someone else is equally determined to stop her. Soon, Julie finds herself involved in a very dangerous adventure to protect the elephants.

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  1. Àlex López has said:

    ARGUMENT: Julie is a young woman who loves elephants, so she is in a safari in Kenya "the land of the elephants" . But every time she tires to go, she can't, because the responsibles of the safary not let she go to where elephants live, because they said it is too dangerous!!!
    She think it's a bite strange, so she decided to investigate what happened, and she discovers some podchers who kills elephants to sell the ivory. She and a friend arredted the poachers and save the elephants

    Opinió personal: I think this book sreves to entretain and teach, and also I like so much. The vocabulary it is very easy than other books that I have been read of the same level
    I would recoment this book to the people who think that reading in English is dificult (because this book is very easy to understand) and people who like adventure and accion books.

    NOTA: 9