dimecres, 29 de març de 2017

Olympic kate.

                                       Sue Kendall

Kate Armstrong, a talent, dedicated gymnast, dreams of winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games. Little does she know that somebody is out to destroy her. When traces of drugs are found in Kate’s body, she realises that talent and dedication aren’t going to help her. It’s up to Ben, her faithful trainer, to try and prove her innocence.

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  1. La Lovejjet Kaur de 4t d'ESO B ha dit:

    Resum: The book is about kate's dream that is winning a gold medal.
    Kate travel to Balears and they meet with his friend Estelle. One day all of the girls have to take a blood test because there is one person who has some drugs in her body.

    Opinió: I like this book because this is about sports and i like them. This book is very interesting and entertaining. I recomend this book to people who like sports.